aboutus1Ahoy Bangladesh Limited is a Medical Value Travel company working in affiliation with Ahoy! India, which is located in Bangalore and has presence in Africa and Sultanate of Oman.

Ahoy Bangladesh Limited aims to provide complete medical value travel solutions for outbound citizens of Bangladesh to anywhere in India under one roof. We believe in providing affordable medical services to the world through a team of dynamic professionals. Ahoy Bangladesh Limited joins hands with the very best of healthcare institutions in India to bring comprehensive medical facilities.

aboutus2We understand how important it is for a person who trusts his or her well-being in a new country to strangers, to have a support system, a service and a quiet but available companion from start to finish assisting in the process of planning, arrival, treatment, convalescence and return to home. Ahoy Bangladesh Limited promises to be that support.

The Indian specialty hospitals that Ahoy Bangladesh Limited has made alliances with have excellent infrastructure complete with the latest state of the art equipment required for any treatment. We pay attention in selecting the hospital for alliance using a strict assessment process.

Referrals through us will alleviate the burden of dealing with multiple agencies and hospitals for various specialties. It will also ease the administrative burden and paper work.